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New Angle Media is a full-service, interactive marketing agency. We provide strategic marketing solutions which challenge convention, stimulate users, and generate trackable results.



Building and positioning your company to perform at its highest potential is your goal, helping you achieve that is ours. We strive to understand the needs of your company and custom fit solutions tailored specifically to meet those needs. We don’t hold much stock in the motto “one size fits all.” Instead, we believe every client has unique requirements, which necessitate a thoughtful, systematic approach. As you peruse samples of our work on this website you will find that each project is custom-fit to meet the objectives of our clients. Hey, we even encourage you to talk to our clients, they’ll tell you just how accommodating and creative we can be.


New Angle Media is a full-service, interactive marketing agency that provides innovative custom, end-to-end solutions to grow businesses of all sizes. We provide strategic marketing solutions which challenge convention, stimulate users, and generate trackable results.

Founded in 2003, we utilize the latest technologies available to enhance communications with digital, video, audio and... print components, as well as overall strategic planning and ongoing support.

We have an in-house production studio, New Angle Studios. Widely acclaimed for both artistry and professionalism, the production team at New Angle Studios not only creates powerful marketing videos and commercials, they also specialize in live streaming, webcasting, animation and motion graphics.

Our studio is exceptionally equipped to provide full-service audio/video production capabilities, enabling you to produce any type of content for distribution online, or optical media including CD, DVD, and Blu-ray™.

During the past nine years we have developed a reputation for crafting truly innovative and eye-catching campaigns. Companies of all sizes seek out our creativity and technical expertise, from fellow small businesses to some of the country’s best-known Fortune 500 companies, such as Hearst Media, Avnet, General Dynamics, Microchip and Microsoft. We have also received numerous accolades for our work, including Spectrum Awards from the American Marketing Association, three MAC Awards, a Stevie Distinguished Honoree Award and two Telly’s, which are among the most prestigious awards in the video production industry.

Since day one, we have made it a priority to adopt and embrace the latest marketing technologies available, and then find creative channels to use those technologies to help our clients achieve marketing and communication goals. For example:

- In 2003 we predicted online video would ultimately transform the marketing industry – as it did. We launched New Angle Studios in 2004 – a year before YouTube was founded and “viral” was just a medical term.

- As video evolved, so did the innovative minds at New Angle Media. In 2009, we developed the first-ever, enterprise-level B2B video platform (which is like a YouTube for the international B2B tech industry). Our coding gurus creating the entire platform from scratch, and then assisted the client with ongoing marketing, advertising and other support services.
- We have also spent the last several years developing and perfecting virtual environments and online tradeshows that mimic “real world” experiences and interactions. They combine multiple marketing tools, such as rich media, video, audio, webcasting, chat and forums.

New Angle Media clients have continually reaped the benefits of our early insights. Now, we are in the midst of an extremely pivotal transition that will provide our clients with innovative marketing solutions at a much lower cost, and much quicker turnaround times. We’re shifting from the traditional marketing agency model to a software engineering firm specializing in marketing communications, specifically the development of SaaS platforms. We plan to productize our most sought-after solutions – like the virtual environments and video sharing platforms – and enable more companies to take advantage of technology that may currently lie outside their budgets and timelines. 


New Angle Media is active in local professional associations and charitable organizations. We have had a presence on numerous industry boards, including the American Marketing Association and the Business Marketing Association. Employees have dedicated much time and energy to ensure association initiatives are successful and help to unite the local marketing community.

As a company, we have also supported the March of Dimes, the Al Maag Toy Foundation, The New Foundation, the American Diabetes Association and Avnet Tech Games, an annual college technology competition. We have also provided pro-bono services to Catholic Charities of Central and Northern Arizona as well as the Arizona BIO Association. And lastly, we’re very excited to be planning our first annual company volunteer day so employees can take time off to assist a community organization in need.

Since being founded, we have had an active recruiting presence at local colleges and universities. And, we’re now preparing to roll out structured internship programs with the Art Institute of Phoenix and Arizona State University.    


We have actively sought out employees with a wide range of skill sets and backgrounds. Some were previously self-employed while others came from the corporate world or hailed from large marketing agencies in major markets. Check out the NAM team here!

Education level isn’t as important to us as skill and ability. We hire people, not degrees. All of our employees must be flexible, keep pace with evolving environments and be willing to adopt new technologies. Our business goals would not be possible without their eagerness to succeed and innovate. We have created a enthusiastic corporate culture where our staff is excited to walk inside the doors everyday and start their creative engines.

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