HDS MEDALLION Distinctive Bags were created for those women and girls who refuse to let a mobility device define their style!



     Let’s face it. It’s just not an outfit unless you have the right purse. And, if you are a fashion-conscious woman using a mobility device…well, it’s not that easy to find one that works on mobility devices and is attractive.  Most bags that function on mobility devices such as wheelchairs, power chairs, walkers and scooters are asexual, monochromatic and basic.  And regular purses don’t work on these devices.    Established in 2011, HDS MEDALLION® is committed to helping you accessorize with their Distinctive CarryAll Bags for Mobility Devices. These bags are the perfect marriage of form, fashion and function with the versatility to beautify a large variety of mobility devices with more with fifteen different stylish patterns and colors. Check out the Classic, Premier, Demi-Premier and the new Metro Collections at www.hdsmedallion.com/All-Bags.  
     It all started with Hazel Della Snodgrass (HDS). She was feisty, independent, was always well put together and extremely active. That is, she was until she broke her hip at the age of 99.  One of her biggest frustrations was the ugly, medicinal looking, metal walker and her inability to carry her things in a stylish purse. Unable to find a walker bag that Hazel liked, her daughters, Carol and Sharon, took matters into their own hands. Sharon began making bags with the style and flair worthy of her mother’s personality for Hazel and all of her friends with walkers, scooters and power chairs. Carol recognized the psychological impact these bags produced and the business opportunity.  After two plus years of work, HDS MEDALLION was born and their beautiful bags have been lifting the spirits of the women who use them ever since. Each bag is made of 100% premium cotton, comes with attractive, coordinating trim, inside/outside pockets and other features.  All are made in the U.S.A. They make terrific gifts for friends, family or even yourself! Check out our bags at our site, www.hdsmedallion.com as well as our facebook and pinterest pages or in person at the New York/New Jersey, Houston and Boston Abilities Expos.