Text-to-911 On The Rise



Text-to-911 On The Rise

Abilities365 News | 2014-05-27 15:21:30
Starting last month, the nation's 4 biggest wireless phone networks now have the capability to support text messaging to 911, a move especially welcome to people with disabilities that effect their ability to hear or speak. So far, 16 states have communities where 911 call centers are equipped to receive and respond to text messages. Recently, Vermont became the first state in the nation to deploy the service statewide with all 4 of the major service providers. The FCC is encouraging a broader deployment across the nation by the end of the year

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Increasingly, 911 Available By Text

By Shaun Heasley @ Disabilityscoop.com

For those who are nonverbal, deaf or otherwise have difficulty communicating via traditional telephone calls, a new option to seek emergency help is on the way.

Starting last month, the nation’s four main wireless networks now have the capability to support text messages sent to 911.

The move is a significant step toward making the service available on a broader scale, advocates say. Text-to-911 is expected to be particularly meaningful to individuals with disabilities who may have difficulty hearing or speaking.

Currently, it is possible to text 911 in communities in 16 states where emergency call centers are set up to receive and respond to the messages, according to the Federal Communications Commission.

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