Iraq War Veteran Returns To Saving Lives after Losing Leg



Iraq War Veteran Returns To Saving Lives after Losing Leg

Abilities365 News | 2014-05-27 14:35:22
Ryan Kelly, an Iraq war veteran, became a "below-knee" amputee when his convoy in Iraq hit a roadside bomb. Kelly was airlifted to a field hospital where his right leg was amputated. Kelly, who was committed to making a career in the military, was devastated that he would have to give up the future he had been building for himself. But during his stay in a hospital, Kelly met another amputee who happened to be a pilot for the Air Force. This man gave Kelly the hope he needed; that he may still be able to continue on the path that he had been creating.

Kelly went to Able flight, a company that gives people with disabilities the opportunity to get flight training. After getting his license, he was able to start working as a medevac helicopter pilot, saving peoples' lives for a living.

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