Kanye West Demands Proof of Disability

Abilities365 News | 09/17/2014

Rapper Kanye West refused to continue his live concert until his entire audience gets to their feet. Two, because of their disabilities, did not rise. Once bodyguards confirmed that that one was an amputee and the other was in a wheelchair, West resumed singing.

Congress Limits Sheltered Workshops

Abilities365 News | 07/21/2014

Congress has passed a bill that limits young adults with disabilities from working in sheltered workshop programs.

BBC Aims to Quadruple Representation of People With Disabilities

Abilities365 News | 07/18/2014

Network giant BBC pledges to quadruple representation of people with disabilities on the air by the year 2017.

Judge Not by IQ Alone

Abilities365 News | 06/25/2014

The Supreme Court rules against Florida's strict IQ cutoff of 70 for deeming inmates fit for the death penalty.

The Less-Than-Best Western

Abilities365 News | 06/23/2014

BIG mea culpa from Best Western when execs their Baton Rouge hotel refuses a family with an assistance dog.

Disability History in the Making

Abilities365 News | 06/19/2014

Make your story part of the recorded history of people with disabilities through the Disability Visibility Project.

Destination Desserts Helps People with Disabilities Move On

Abilities365 News | 05/27/2014

This food truck biz has changed the lives of people with disabilities, providing job opportunities for people with head injuries and disorders such as autism.

Text-to-911 On The Rise

Abilities365 News | 05/27/2014

Vermont leads the nation as the first state to enact a statewide text-to-911 capability within the 4 major wireless networks. The FCC is encouraging a broader deployment across the nation by the end of the year.

The Strength of Brotherly Love

Abilities365 News | 05/27/2014

Seven-year-old Braden Gandee will ride piggy-back on his 14-year-old older brother for a 40-mile hike to raise awareness for cerebral palsy.

Iraq War Veteran Returns To Saving Lives after Losing Leg

Abilities365 News | 05/27/2014

After losing his right leg in Iraq to a roadside bomb, Ryan Kelly returns to saving lives by becoming a medevac helicopter pilot.

Actor Gary Sinise Writes $60k Check for Wounded Veteran

Abilities365 News | 04/28/2014

Actor Gary Sinise writes a $60,000 check in order to help begin construction on a wounded veteran’s home.

Amazing Leaps in Restoring Movement to Patients with SCI

Abilities365 News | 04/08/2014

They were told they would never move their legs again. Now, thanks to a team of researchers at University of Louisville and UCLA, four men have new mobility and new hope. Can you say game-changer?

Mind Controlled Exoskeletal Suit Set to Debut at 2014 World Cup

Abilities365 News | 04/02/2014

A mind-controlled exoskeletal suit aimed towards replacing the basic wheelchair will debut at the 2014 World Cup.

Mother Turns Advocate for Inclusion of Disabilities in Advertising

Abilities365 News | 03/31/2014

Katie Driscoll, mother of a child with Down syndrome, has launched ChangingTheFaceOfBeauty.org to encourage companies to include children with disabilities in their advertising campaigns.

Researchers Hope to Learn about Autism from Canines

Abilities365 News | 03/31/2014

Researchers at the Canine Cognition Center at Yale University are hoping to find insight into autism and human development by studying dogs and how they learn.

Great Tips for Students with Disabilities as They Head Off to College

Abilities365 News | 03/26/2014

Headed off to college? Read on for the 411 on how to prepare you or your loved ones for university life from a student with a disability.

Put One Foot in Front of the Other!

Abilities365 News | 03/26/2014

A mother's invention helps children with disabilities walk, with the assistance of an adult.

Double Amputee Benched for Fear of Injury to Others

Abilities365 News | 02/04/2014

A decision to bench a double-amputee high school basketball player over fears he might hurt somebody is sparking outrage among supporters

She Did It for Gary!

Abilities365 News | 01/30/2014

She did it for Gary! Storming the field during a the Pro Bowl, Katrina Torres sent a very special message to her cousin with disabilities.

Congress Gives Special Education $500 Million Boost

Abilities365 News | 01/22/2014

After taking a beating during 2013 with various budget cuts, limitations and regulations, special education is going to see a budget increase of roughly $500 million dollars this year.

Inspirational Super Bowl Commercial Features Seahawks Player with Deafness

Abilities365 News | 01/22/2014

Seahawks fullback Derrick Coleman, deaf since the age of three, is not "picked on and picked last" anymore. Even Broncos fans will love this inspirational Super Bowl commercial from Duracell!

New Gene Therapy Partially Restores Vision

Abilities365 News | 01/20/2014

An Oxford clinical trial that improved vision in a rare, deteriorating eye disorder raises hopes that gene therapy may be applied to more common causes of blindness.

Feds Demand Fairness in School Disciplinary Actions

Abilities365 News | 01/15/2014

"A routine school disciplinary infraction should land a student in the principal’s office, not in a police precinct," says Attorney General Eric Holder. New guidance from the Obama administration seeks to reduce the number of minorities and kids with disabilities who needlessly wind up in the hands of law enforcement.

Let's Go to the Expo!

Abilities365 News | 01/13/2014

A woman with disabilities shares the personal experience of herself and her husband at Abilities Expo, "the grandaddy" event for the community of people with disabilities.

City Recalls Decision to Take Away Small Child's Support Chickens

Abilities365 News | 01/13/2014

Officials in Debary, Florida say they will grant a special accommodation for the family of a 3-year-old boy with autism to keep chickens in their backyard.

WCMX: Wheelchair Moto-cross on the Rise

Abilities365 News | 01/08/2014

Introducing the four horseman of the WCMX--an exciting cross between skateboarding and dirt biking for wheelchair users. Though the sport is still being organized, it is gaining popularity thanks to the amazing stunts of these envelope-pushing athletes.

10-Year-Old Petitions for American Girl Doll with a Disability

Abilities365 News | 01/08/2014

Ten-year-old Melissa Shang has created a petition to have the next American Girl "Girl of the Year" doll be onewith a disability.

How Did This Happen????

Abilities365 News | 12/13/2013

The international community watched in slack-jawed amazement as a man stood next to world leaders at the Nelson Mandela memorial and FAKED the ability to sign.

Is Your Vision Better at the Doctor's Office?

Abilities365 News | 12/12/2013

A recent study has shown that a large portion of older adults who report sub-par vision at home find that they have near-perfect vision at the doctor's office. The good news it it's an easy fix...

City Denies Small Child his Emotional Support Chickens

Abilities365 News | 12/12/2013

The difference in J.J. Hart, a three-year-old with autism, has been night and day with the help of his therapy chickens. But since the city has ended the ordinance permitting backyard chickens, J.J.'s family is left with only two options: Get rid of the chickens, or leave their hometown.

Meet RAY. He's the World's First Smartphone for People who are Blind or Visually Impaired

Abilities365 News | 12/12/2013

Project RAY introduces the worlds first smartphone built specifically for people who are blind or visually impaired.

"Britian's Got Talent" Star Reveals Asperger’s Diagnosis

Abilities365 News | 12/12/2013

Susan Boyle, the Scottish singer who rose to international fame after stunning audiences on the television show “Britain’s Got Talent,” says she’s been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome.

Eight Tips for Working With a Child with Special Needs

Abilities365 News | 12/05/2013

From interaction to a positive outlook, these eight tips are worth handing out to anyone you know who may be working with your child with special needs.

Budget Cuts Straining Special Education Classrooms

Abilities365 News | 12/05/2013

Teachers, students, and parents are all noticing the detriment that budget cuts are causing special education classes across America. How will your child be affected?

He Gets By with a Lot of Help from his Friends

Abilities365 News | 12/04/2013

A college student who needs help with everything from showering to dressing and even getting out of bed is receiving all that and more from a group of devoted friends-turned-roommates.

Disabilities Reflected in New Line of Mannequins

Abilities365 News | 12/04/2013

Mannequins cast to depict real people with real disabilities appeared in the store windows lining Zurich's main downtown street. Coming soon to a store near you?

Abilities Expo Featured on Pushrim Podcast

Abilities365 News | 12/04/2013

A Pushrim podcast showcases Abilities Expo's Valerie Teague! Check it out!

Jet-setting Wheelchair Users on Track to Receive Better Access

Abilities365 News | 11/22/2013

US Airways receives $1.2 million fine for improperly accommodating passengers with disabilities. Also, check out the new design concept for an in-flight wheelchair!

New Rules Even Playing Field for Mental and Physical Health Coverage

Abilities365 News | 11/22/2013

Health insurers must cover mental health services at the same level as physical ailments under new federal rules.

Parking Mobility Hits the App Store

Abilities365 News | 11/21/2013

If you have ever had trouble finding an accessible parking spot, or have ever wanted to report a violator who is illegally parked in one, then there is an app for you!

New York Times Columnist Apologizes for Use of R-Word and Makes Big Ammends

Abilities365 News | 11/21/2013

When confronted about his use of the "r-word," a New York Times columnist responded in a very big way.

"Enhance the UK" Squashes Stigma

Abilities365 News | 11/21/2013

A new calendar featuring scantily-clad models with disabilities is designed to squash preconceived notions about sexuality among those with special needs.

Concerns Raised Over ‘Highly Qualified’ Teachers

Abilities365 News | 11/12/2013

A provision in the legislation that ended the government shutdown has advocates worried about students with disabilities

Research Group Creating Prosthetic Arms To Be Controlled By Brain

Abilities365 News | 11/08/2013

On their way to creating a full-body prosthesis, The Walk Again Project has created prosthetic arms that can be controlled by the brain of a primate.

Disability Studies on the Rise in Schools

Abilities365 News | 11/06/2013

Disability Studies, a field that didn't even exist 20 years ago, has been seeing a steady rise in the past years.

Wheelchair Racer In Running To Become First Three-Time Winner In Single Season

Abilities365 News | 11/06/2013

Tatyana McFadden, a wheelchair racer, is on her way to become the first person in history to win 3 major marathons in a single year.

Paralympics to Receive More US TV Time

Abilities365 News | 11/06/2013

NBC and NBC Sports Network have signed an agreement with the International Paralympic Committee, and will be covering the next two Paralympic Games.

Man With Down Syndrome Makes Marathon History

Abilities365 News | 11/05/2013

In a first for the famous New York City Marathon, a man with Down syndrome crossed the finish line and scored a spot in the record books.

"When I Walk" Captures the Realities of Filmmaker With Multiple Sclerosis

Abilities365 News | 10/23/2013

The documentary film, "When I Walk," is an unflinching portrait of filmmaker Jason DaSilva who shows himself at his most vulnerable in order to give the world insight into the struggles he faces with Multiple Sclerosis.

'Covert Affairs’ Star Opens Up About Son’s Autism

Abilities365 News | 10/23/2013

Christopher Gorham shares his thoughts and feelings on playing a TV character with a disability, as well as how he dealt with his young son's Asperger's syndrome diagnosis.

High School Student with Special Needs Viciously Tormented via Text

Abilities365 News | 10/23/2013

A young woman with special needs has to have her mother accompany her to lunch at school due to the numerous and vicious verbal attacks she receives via text.

Starbucks Offers Accessible Gift Cards

Abilities365 News | 10/23/2013

In response to a customer request, Starbucks will start to offer Braille gift cards all year long.

Arizona Defies Federal Orders To Eliminate Apartments For Deaf Seniors

Abilities365 News | 10/22/2013

Arizona is fighting an order to limit the number of deaf residents that can occupy a complex specifically built to house deaf seniors.

TV Characters With Disabilities On the Rise

Abilities365 News | 10/16/2013

From Glee's Becky, to the Michael J Fox Show, people with disabilities have claimed a bigger piece of the primetime pie.

Researchers In the Dark About Fragile-X

Abilities365 News | 10/04/2013

Though Fragile X is the leading cause of inherited intellectual disability, research shows that many experts know very little about the disorder.

Dog Befriends Little Boy with Down Syndrome

Abilities365 News | 10/04/2013

You will LOVE the pictures and video of a gentle dog befriending a little boy with Down syndrome.

Disney Theme Parks Revise Access Policy for People with Disabilities

Abilities365 News | 10/02/2013

Disney Theme Parks has revised their policy of allowing persons with disabilities to skip to the front of the line. This change is the result of reports that guests were hiring people with disabilities to accompany them so that they could expedite their experience.

People First Language: There's a Lot in a Name

Abilities365 News | 10/02/2013

While there is no universally-accepted terminology when talking about people with disabilities, this article suggests a respectful and positive way to consider the largest minority group in America along with their wide-ranging conditions.

How Will The Government Shutdown Affect You?

Abilities365 News | 10/01/2013

With the government shutdown in full swing, how will services for the community of people with disabilities be affected?

Minimum Wage and Overtime Pay To Come For Caregivers

Abilities365 News | 09/24/2013

Starting January 1, 2015, in-home caregivers will be entitled to minimum wage and overtime pay, nationwide.

Autism Often Misdiagnosed In Kids With Genetic Condition

Abilities365 News | 09/24/2013

In a study held by the Davis MIND Institute of University of California, it has been found that a significant number of children with 22q11.2 deletion syndrome, or 22q, may have been misdiagnosed with autism.

Artist with Disability Gets Royal Treatment

Abilities365 News | 09/18/2013

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have chosen a painting from an artist with Down syndrome to display in their new son’s nursery.

New Boutique Features Adaptive Clothing

Abilities365 News | 09/17/2013

Adaptive clothing can be difficult to purchase. With no common store on the corner, how else can you purchase it but by going online? Now Milwaukee residents with disabilities have Accessible Wear, a retail store catering to people with special needs. First stop, Wisconsin. Next stop...?

Incredible New Guinness Ad Shatters Industry Stereotypes

Abilities365 News | 09/10/2013

A new commercial by Guinness breaks the industry standard and sets a new bar for beer commercials. Watch it!

Sequester Takes Alarming Toll On Special Education

Abilities365 News | 09/10/2013

Now that the academic year is in full swing, the budget cuts caused by the sequester is creating problems for schools and their special education programs.

National Down Syndrome Registry Goes Live

Abilities365 News | 09/10/2013

A new national registry is launching in an effort to connect individuals who have Down syndrome with researchers studying the condition.

FES Making Large Strides for Heart Health

Abilities365 News | 09/06/2013

Functional Electronic Stimulation (FES; E-stim) is making a difference in some people's heart health by allowing them to maintain physical activity and stay fit.

A Kind Gesture Touches a Very Special Family

Abilities365 News | 09/03/2013

A dinner out turns into a heartfelt moment when a stranger pays for a family's dinner and leaves a touching note.

New Dates for the Abilities Expo Houston 2014

Abilities365 News | 09/03/2013

Abilities Expo Houston has moved its show dates to July 25-27, 2014 to better accommodate the local Community of people with disabilities.

Abilities Expo Cancels 2013 Singapore Event

Abilities365 News | 08/29/2013

In November 2012, the launch of Abilities Expo Singapore brought the life-enhancing Expo experience to a place that had never seen an event so focused on serving and supporting the community of people with disabilities, their caregivers and families. Unfortunately, the Expo will not be organized in again 2013 as planned, but we hope that the future will bring us back to Singapore to continue to make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities half a world away.

Teen With Down Syndrome Lands Photo Shoot for Wet Seal

Abilities365 News | 08/22/2013

After creating a Facebook page to get the attention of her favorite clothing line, Wet Seal, Kerrie managed to get over 10,000 likes and land herself a photoshoot in California.

Officials Rethink Provisions which Bar Guardians from Serving as Paid Caregivers

Abilities365 News | 08/22/2013

Oregon State is working with federal officials to create process to allow legal guardians to continue as paid caregivers.

Study Finds ‘Different’ Brain In Some With Autism

Abilities365 News | 08/19/2013

Stanford researchers have unearthed clues about the formidable brains of some children with autism, suggesting that the diagnosis may signal a different cognitive style, not disability.

Competitive Swimmer Banned From Swimming at Paralympics

Abilities365 News | 08/19/2013

Victoria Arlen stripped of her right to swim at the Paralympics after the International Paralympics Committee claimed her disability is not permanent.

The Pros and Cons of ObamaCare

Abilities365 News | 08/14/2013

The Affordable Care Act has set new standards with the Essential Health Benefits, outlining what health insurance companies must now cover.

Service Dog Posers Create Problems

Abilities365 News | 08/14/2013

Public confusion, legal loopholes and shady Internet businesses have led to an “epidemic” of fake service-dog certificates, vests and harnesses for use on ordinary pets.

Inducing Labor May Increase Autism Risk

Abilities365 News | 08/14/2013

In the largest study of its kind, researchers say they’ve found a higher risk of autism among children whose births were induced or sped up.

Obama Pushes for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Abilities365 News | 08/14/2013

Obama seeks to ratify the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Kenya receives first ever deafblind school curriculum

Abilities365 News | 08/06/2013

Deafblindness is a minority disability and in Kenya and only 10 specialist facilities exist. Edwin Osundwa writes about the steps being made to make education more inclusive.

Criptopia (Well, it's about time!)

Abilities365 News | 08/05/2013

What would it be like to wake up one morning and have everything in your life be perfectly accessible, affordable and accommodating?

Abilities Expo offers new products, shares ideas for people with disabilities

Abilities365 News | 08/05/2013

Products, services, workshops, activities and tons of fun. Abilities Expo has it all!

The Real Sounds Of Hearing Loss

Abilities365 News | 07/29/2013

It's easy enough to restore 20/20 eyesight with glasses or contacts. But even state-of-the-art digital hearing aids can't perfectly restore hearing for people whose inner ears have been damaged by noise exposure, medications or just the wear and tear of aging...

Of Course Service Animals Are Not Pets!

Abilities365 News | 07/29/2013

Service animals and assistance animals are not pets. Whether a dog or a miniature pony, they are crucial for someone with visual, hearing, motor or mental disabilities to perform daily activities and live independently. Assistance animals can alert people to an impending seizure or the presence of allergens; they can retrieve items such as medicine or the telephone. They can provide crucial emotional support...

A 'cure' for blindness? Stem cell advance boosts prospects for retina treatment

Abilities365 News | 07/24/2013

Ground breaking research using adult stem cells may be the the answer to curing blindness.

Eleven-year-old Author Publishes Touching Story About Her Sister with Disabilities

Abilities365 News | 07/22/2013

Eleven-year-old Briley Rossiter's new children's book, "Born An Angel," is a touching story of the love between two sisters, one with and one without disabilities.

Abilities Expo Affirms Human Abilities and Highlights Potential

Abilities365 News | 07/22/2013

It's the Abilities Expo experience from the vantage point of longtime exhibitor and Community advocate, Ann Eubank of UsersFirst.

Abilities365 Welcomes Nick Scott as the New National Fitness Ambassador to Abilities Expo

Abilities365 News | 07/22/2013

Fitness guru Nick Scott joins the Abilities Expo team as the National Fitness Ambassador. Through determination and personal strength, he transformed his life from debilitating tragedy to personal triumph. Now he uses those hard-won insights to help others achieve their personal goals.

Chelsie Hill and Wise Words from Artist Neil Marcus

Abilities365 News | 07/20/2013

Chelsie Hill, co-founder of Team Hotwheelz performs for a rapt audience of Abilities Expo attendees.

Healthy lifestyle choices for people with developmental disabilities

Administrator Admin | 05/02/2013

All people, including those with developmental disabilities, make choices every day that can influence their health and safety. As a direct support professional, you can educate the individuals you support about different healthy choices they can make.

Kingwood child living with autusm writes book, hopes to raise funds for service dog

Administrator Admin | 05/02/2013

Seven-year-old Taryn Crain, of Kingwood, wrote about about her life with autism. The proceeds earned from the sale of her book will go toward the purchase of a service dog.

UW-Whitewater Summer Camps

Administrator Admin | 05/01/2013

UW-Whitewater Wheelchair Basketball Camp June 12th – 16th The UWW Warhawk Wheelchair Basketball Camp will be conducted on the picturesque campus of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

Worldwide Awareness Day - 22q at the Zoo- May 19th, 2013

Administrator Admin | 05/01/2013

The International 22q11.2 Foundation, Inc., an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for people affected by chromosome 22q11.2 (22q) syndromes through family and professional partnerships, is hosting the third annual “22q at the Zoo” Worldwide Awareness Day at zoos around the world on Sunday, May 19, 2013.

Study Finds Learning Disabilities Often Bundled, Fairly Common

Administrator Admin | 05/01/2013

A new University of Melbourne study suggests that up to 10 per cent of the population is affected by specific learning disabilities (SLDs). Disabilities include problems with math (dyscalculia), reading (dyslexia) and autism, translating to two or three pupils in every classroom.

Teaching Children with Disabilities to Swim

Administrator Admin | 04/25/2013

The Abilities United Betty Wright Swim Center in Palo Alto is leading the way in making swimming accessible to all children.

March: Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

Administrator Admin | 03/22/2013

Gov. Rick Snyder and Michigan officials are encouraging residents to get to know and help out fellow state residents living with developmental disabilities this month. #Snyder has proclaimed March as Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month.

U.S. Paralympics Names 2013 National Swimming Team

Administrator Admin | 03/22/2013

Join the excitment for the Sixteen athletes that have been selected for the 2013 U.S. Paralympics Swimming National A Team.

My Experience at the L.A. Abilities Expo Show

Administrator Admin | 03/16/2013

My Abilities Expo Journal: Today is the second day of the Los Angeles show, and I’ve already learned and experienced a lot more than I expected to. I thought I knew what I was in store for, however secondhand stories didn’t do the show justice.

What is the Life of a Person With Disabilities Worth?

Abilities365 News | 03/11/2013

Apparently, it’s only around $8.00. That’s the average price of a movie ticket today, and that’s all it took for Robert Saylor to be killed while in custody of three police officers.

Special-needs playground proposed in Boca

Abilities365 News | 03/11/2013

A local nonprofit recently approached a city advisory board and the Greater Boca Raton Beach & Park District about having a playground for children with disabilities and a natural area set aside in a park for the same purpose.

March: Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

Abilities365 News | 03/11/2013

Gov. Rick Snyder and Michigan officials are encouraging residents to get to know and help out fellow state residents living with developmental disabilities this month.

Local Pediatric Center For Disabilities Disguises Education With Play

Abilities365 News | 03/11/2013

People from the tri-state area and farther away drive to Harrison County for a special kind of pediatric center. It's called Cornerstone and is located in Bridgeport. They specialize in helping kids with all sorts of special needs, but there's a chance you haven't seen a place like it before.

Governors Pushed To Implement Jobs Programs For People With Disabilities

Abilities365 News | 03/11/2013

The Republican governor of South Dakota shared his personal experience growing up as the child of two deaf parents as part of the National Governors Association meeting this weekend, urging his fellow governors to promote jobs programs for people with disabilities.

For students with multiple disabilities, a new, specially designed school opens

Abilities365 News | 03/11/2013

Christine Poole, a specialized teacher’s assistant applauds with a student during an official opening ceremony at the new John F. Miller School, a school which serves students with disabilities and special needs, Wednesday Feb. 20, 2013. The school has been nominated for a national design award.

Film Festival Sheds Light On Disabilities From Multiple Perspectives

Abilities365 News | 03/11/2013

A film festival that will take place in the city later this week highlights the issues faced by people with disabilities. NY1's Cheryl Wills filed the following report.

Events For People With Disabilities

Abilities365 News | 03/11/2013

"Dare to Dream," a free interactive workshop for individuals with a disability and their families, co-hosted by the Early Childhood Direction Center of Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo, Parent Network of Western New York, and the Learning Disabilities Association of Western New York, will be held from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday at the Millennium Hotel, 2040 Walden Ave., Cheektowaga.